Lease Documents

Log Volunteer Hours

Bus Schedule

What utilities are included in rent? Heat, internet, AC, water, trash, and electricity are included in the rent

Is there parking available? Parking may be available at $240/month

Can I bring pets? Sorry, no pets

Do I have to be a member of the church in order to live here? No, but residents living in the house will fulfill on average 4 hours of service per week (16 hrs/month). Each resident will be paired with an area of community service (at Bethel Lutheran or in the Madison community) that matches their gifts, skills and interests. All community service venues will be approved by the Bethel Steensland Housing Board.

Is there more information about the Bethel Church? You can read about it here

What is the history of the Steensland House? You can read about it here

News Events:  March 7, 2016 Cap Times Photo Story